Part-Time Professor Salary Changes

The newly ratified January 2020 Clark College Association for Higher Education faculty contract employs a new method for compensating part-time professors - Parity Pay. The hourly rate will remain for moonlighting full-time faculty and for part-time professors for which the Parity-Pay method does not yet result in a salary increase that exceeds the new Hourly-Pay method.

Starting in July 2019* part-time professors will be paid either: 67 percent of the starting full-time salary OR the new part-time hourly rate, whichever is higher.

Below, you can compute your compensation using each method of payment - Parity Pay & Hourly Pay. The higher of the two is how much you'll be compensated. You'll receive a retroactive payment for your salary increase going back to July 2019. * July 2020 PT professors will be paid 67 percent, July 2021 PT professors will be paid 69 percent, and July 2022 PT professors will be paid 72 percent.

Hourly Rates


  • Lecture: $74.93
  • Lab: $63.99
  • Final exam flat rate: $145.02

Affiliate / Moonlight

  • Lecture: $84.72
  • Lab: $73.66
  • Final exam flat rate: $165.74


  • Lecture: $86.10
  • Lab: $74.81
  • Final exam flat rate: $168.04

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